Our Story

For Precious Vintage is an online vintage platform created by artist and vintage enthusiast Cecile Wang. Cecile has started her journey for vintage collection several years ago. After graduating from CMU art and design in Toronto, she started her own antique stores online and quickly reached hundred thousand followers. she is passionate about precious antique, vintage or vintage-style pieces.

Founder Cecile Wang profile

(picture of Cecile Wang with her jacquared tailored skirt)

“I’ve always been passionate about collecting and sharing vintage items, discovering the aesthetic values of those classic pieces, and hearing other people’s stories behind their unique collection. When people told me about the stories from their grandparents and the items they collect, whether it's an antique ceramic vase, a piece of gemstone jewelry passed on generations, or a unique handcrafted nautical ship model... these stories always fascinate me and remind me of my own grandparents. During the weekend, I like to drive around the city to explore the vintage pieces and to discover those fascinating stories. 

In such a fast-paced world, classic aesthetic beauty seems gone too soon but the memories live on. For precious provides an online platform and community for people to share their love for vintage, to learn and discover the precious nostalgic, classic pieces and the story behind them. Let’s ride this fun treasure-hunting journey together!"